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What are the Hunters?

The Hunters are an exclusive collection of 7,777
unique Hunters ready to take over
the Ethereum Blockchain.

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10% Hunter development
36% Development begins
for Hunter Launch
65% Special Christmas 1 of 1 airdrop for all Hunter holders
90% Chapter 2 is
25% Development begins
for Hunter Launch
53% Hunters are released
to the public
80% Merch reveal and release
for all holders (and the
public later on)
Meet the Team
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About the Team


Hey! My name is “Quick”. I am currently directing and developing HuntersNFT. I first came up with the idea for an NFT collection a couple of months ago and I am now ready to share it with the world. I hope to see you join us and follow us through our journey.


Hey! My name is "dev" I am an experienced developer working alongside the Hunter team to push out an overdue project that is built to last. I have experience with a few prior NFT projects and can now say I have the luxury of working alongside a good friend (Quick) and our solid team, that has more than enough determination and experience required to launch a successful NFT project. With this said HuntersNFT and the HunterNFT community are my #1 priority and I can't wait to meet you all.